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Bring.Works      Empowering us toward setting things right
About BringWorks
Initially founded to mobilize believers to become engaged to help bring forth a better life for those in need, such as reducing chronic poverty, we re-affirmed what a complex challenge this is, especially in inner cities. There are many interconnected factors impacting this objective and shapes where you begin and why. Our response, in collaboration with others, resulted in the development and launch of the "Smart Liberty Zone" Initiative. It's one way to begin and "little-by-little" we can add related collaborations toward furthering the overall mission...reducing the local chaos and unleashing the liberating impact from smart restoration.

The stewardship challenge is clear: if we don't stand up, stand by and demonstrate the long-term value of Judeo-Christian behavior we end up enabling this chaos...and left unchecked...grows into the destruction we are witnessing.

Take the Pledge and become engaged to help strengthen the body and unify its stewardship of neighborhoods experiencing chaos. We're not the only approach engaged in similar efforts. Thus, we can also come along side those like-minded groups and further their impact.

Restore or chaos; it's your choice!

BringWorks Mission
Empowering us toward setting things right...via repair and liberating restoration

We bring brighter hope, better days and safer, healthier neighborhoods toward a flourishing life for those without it. Unleash the Light of Life and via works of education, training, opportunity and unified response-ability, bring liberating restoration to those in need...thus securing smarter ways forward: Bring smart liberty and its better, flourishing life.
Restore The Light to Those Living in the Darkness of Community Chaos
Restore Productive Unity to 
Community Tensions
Restore Economic Stability for Those Experiencing Poverty
Words Matter
Never yield
Never alone