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Bring.Works      Empowering us toward setting things right
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We encourage you to become better equipped to bring what you were called to do
  • Each of us is endowed with unique Spiritual gifts
  • Learn how to unveil and utilize them toward the good works necessary for those in need
  • Master God's eternal principles which bring success and true satisfaction in life
  • Collaborate with others in your community toward God-inspired smart restoration
  • Encourage one another, build each other up, facilitate a better life for those without it
Empower hope, better days and healthier neighborhoods:
  • The Family...strengthen parents vibrant and fruitful faith
  • Restore and sustain healthy facilities; home, church, community
  • Uniting as One Church; take up the battle and equip the body for that battle
  • Cultivate regular church attendance
  • Energize a more pro-active faith; living your faith principles
  • Curb the "mystery of the Bible" to millions; furthering biblical literacy
  • Shaping the future activity of our government
  • Turning to and equip others toward response-ability behavior
  • Serve the disadvantaged and hurting
  • Stabilize single-parent homes, children at-risk
  • Reshaping public education; helping youth develop better reading skills 
  • Curb crime
  • Curb drug abuse
  • Curb poverty via job training and placement
  • Transition for those exiting incarceration
  • Transitioning for veterans in need
  • Encouraging a correct biblical worldview is critical to culture transformation
  • Arise! Ask for an accounting of stewardship of your neighborhood, community and nation

Next Step
In the center of darkness will you help re-kindle hope?
Become engaged with a local restorative process:

1. Take The Pledge and seek transformation via our Initiatives
2. Organize your own local Smart Restoration Game Plan
3. Collaborate with a Smart Liberty Zone...connect with "Your Team"
4. Become equipped at the Smart Light Academy
5. Be aware that the enemy is well-prepared...but not for the light, faith and prayer

Together, we can bring forth good works...and empower help, better hope and cultivate heathier neighborhoods

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