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Evidence of Growing Chaos
74% are dissatisfied with he way things are going
63% believe America is in a state of decline
The middle class has shrunk from 71% to 49% as of 2015
63% argue that things in our neighborhoods/nation are headed in the wrong direction
75% say religion is losing its influence on American life
74% argue that the state of moral values in the nation is getting worse
57% recognize that religious freedoms are being restricted because activist groups are trying to move society away from traditional Christian values
56% believe that the Bible does not have enough influence on American society these days
74% are dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed

How Did This Chaos Happen?
Research indicates that shifting, drifting values result in destructive behavior and modern-day slavery. Because the moral and spiritual condition of our neighborhoods has declined our neighbors remain captive in darkness...and this chaos is not a pretty picture:

1. Poverty, homelessness, crime, tension, unrest and violence is on the rise in inner cities

2. Murders in inner cities is only a backdrop for a host of social problems fueling the chaos:
  • Family disintegration
  • Lack of educational quality and opportunity
  • A subculture that honors criminal behavior, gang membership, fathering children out of wedlock, spending time in prison

3. In certain communities, police officer moral is at an all time low

4. "Government has not helped the situation. It's only made the situation worse."
  • Removing the Bible and prayer from public schools
  • Legalizing abortion
  • Legalizing same-sex marriage
  • Protecting pornography as free speech
  • Facilitating divorce
  • Penalizing families including for home-schooling
  • Reducing religious liberties; chaplain careers destroyed; coaches suspended
  • Praying at school and saying Merry Christmas is forbidden
  • Instituted ​unprecedented expansion of entitlement programs
  • Creating countless laws through judicial rulings and executive orders
  • Pursuing foreign policies that have severely weakened our economy and global relationships
  • Legislative action that handicaps business and economic development while increasing the cost of living for the very demographic group it was supposed to help

5. As the result of declining trust in our government, institutions and national media we are turning inward, becoming more self-reliant and skeptical as time goes on. We feel increasingly betrayed and misunderstood. We are less interested in pursuing the common good because we feel that those who should be leading us in that direction are instead pursuing their own personal good. We have built up a wall of resentment toward those in power, assuming that they are abusing their position and powers to advance their own agenda or, at the very least, the agenda of a small segment of the public. ​

"We find ourselves in a society that has limited hope for a better tomorrow and little heart for the institutions that could foster better outcomes...without restoration, this is the destiny we are accepting."
The Need
Those experiencing this chaos need a pathway out of the darkness:

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"2015 has been 
the most hostile year to religion and religious freedom in over 239 years as a country."