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Bring.Works      Empowering us toward setting things right
The Need
We have a biblically illiterate culture even though there is an abundance of resources available to help one learn and reshape one's awareness of this powerful and liberating story. Thus, if 75% of your community is struggling to find ways to lead a more meaningful life (and become liberated from the darkness of modern-day slavery), then you (and others) have the opportunity to come alongside, bring a small light, foster restoration and thus, can make all the difference in the world...and you have unlimited access to the fountain of light which can solve most of this chaos.

For example, we know that:
  • If we are ignorant of the chaos we are only corrupting ourselves in the process
  • If we're aware and not sure what to do...ask! Step up and learn and avoid being an enabler
  • "Leave it alone, maybe it will go away" approach never works
  • If you're willfully part of the chaos...you're headed toward certain destruction and taking others with you

We also know that:
  • spiritual deterioration fosters neighborhood moral decay
  • the church is being influenced by society more than it is influencing society 
  • community values are shifting in the wrong direction
  • many have a deep yearning to become liberated from their darkness
  • If restoration is the objective, then the process must start with you

How Do We Respond?
"If we are the light, why is the world so dark?"
Dr. Richard Halvorson
Chaplain of the U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C.

Become Better Educated, Equipped and Engaged

But where do we start, why, and learn "How To"?

Secure a powerful, personal Counselor and Guide. Learn how to develop a discerning spirit, secure smarter pathways, grasp the truth and apply it, understand right from wrong and living it, and embracing "response-ability" skills (not responsibility, but response-ability)...and others will come along side your new journey to encourage and support your commitment. Together, you'll become equipped to shine and confidently show others the pathway toward smart restoration and its abundant life.

"It is frightening to think what this nation may look like if God's people do not take a stand against the moral decay."

Franklin Graham
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Get Involved
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